Arashtad 3D Model Loader


Arashtad 3D Model Loader is a WebGL based application helping WordPress websites load 3D models with ease. The only thing to load any GLB and GLTF models on WordPress pages is using a simple shortcode and then too many options will be available to customize the output. This plugin support multiple models loaded at the same page without any conflict.


Enhance your website with stunning 3D models using our WebGL-powered plugin. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your site, this plugin allows you to load 3D models anywhere on your front-end by simply inserting a shortcode. Use [aml] to get started, and customize the display with a wide range of options available in the “Options” column.

Each customization option comes with a default value, ensuring a smooth experience even if you don’t specify every detail. Override defaults by setting specific options in your shortcode to tailor the output to your exact needs.

Example #1:

Load a 3D model from a specific address:

[aml model="wp-content/uploads/3d/example.glb"]

Example #2:

Customize the output appearance with multiple options:

[aml model="wp-content/uploads/3d/example.glb" position="fixed" top="0" left="0" z_index="9" fov="0.5"]

In this example, the “model” and “fov” options affect the WebGL rendering, while “position”, “z_index”, “top”, and “left” control the CSS styling of the canvas, giving you comprehensive control over both JavaScript and CSS elements.


  • Supported 3D models: .glb and .gltf formats.
  • Uses Babylon.js for rendering, requiring JavaScript-enabled browsers.
  • Optimize file sizes and ensure models are low poly for faster loading times.

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