Arashtad Update Manager (Joomla! Plugin)


Arashtad Update Manager is a free plugin, responsible for updating premium Arashtad Joomla! extensions. This plugin interacts with Arashtad API servers to validate the license information and after that, provides Joomla! update component with the requested update file. This plugin is necessary for getting new updates of premium Joomla! extensions only and using a free Arashtad Joomla! extension doesn’t require this plugin.


If you are using a premium Arashtad Joomla! extension, you have an active license that helps your product function correctly. License validation is a simple step after any premium software installation. But, this process is also done when a premium product is requesting new released updates. Arashtad Update Manager is the middle-ware that comes to play here. This Joomla! system plugin interacts with Joomla! update component, the premium product, and the Arashtad API server when an update is requested for a premium Arashtad Joomla! extension and handles the update securely and smoothly. There is no settings to do for this plugin. You don’t even need enable because after installation it get enabled automatically. The only thing you need to do is having the latest version of this plugin installed on your Joomla! website.

By each new premium Joomla! product, the Arashtad Update Manager plugin will be updated in order to cover the new product. So, if you are using a premium Arashtad Joomla! extension and also have Arashtad Update Manager installed and enabled and yet you face problems while trying to update products, take a look at the version of Arashtad Update Manager to ensure the latest version of the plugin is installed on your website. Of course, the download package of Arashtad premium products always have a version of this plugin in them that is at least enough to cover the products of that package. But, if you have installed a premium product without the package, you need to check the status of the Arashtad Update Manager plugin on your website.

With all that being said, you can always find the latest version of this plugin over here.


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